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Dental Care Challenge 

Balance access to dental services & out of pocket spending 

Dental care spending 

Global dental care spending

2022 -Projection 2030


Fastest Growing market

CGR 8.8% 

CHINA 34B  → 55B 

AUS& New Zealand 

8B to reach 12B (2030) 

USA 162 B USD to reach 250B  .

North America 
EU 90B to reach 150b

Global Dental Care Spending (2023)   433.2B USD$ to reach 700B USD$ by 2032 (CAGR 4.95%)

Word picture percentages

Dental Services Market Share 

by Region, 2020 (%) 

The integration of AI in dentistry has the potential to significantly enhance both diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes through several key advancements:

Global dental care spending graph

Source: Precedence Research

Dentists on duty

Global growth is driven by:

  • Increase in Dental health awareness

  • Accelerated Dentist’s density in developing economies

  • The growing practice of Dental Implants 

  • Cosmetic dentistry increasing demand

Who is financing Dental Care ?

Even in developed economies dental care is mostly financed by patients directly.

  • Globally, the proportion of direct payments made by individuals for dental care, along with payments for medical products, is among the highest of all health-related out-of-pocket expenses.

  • In many countries, dental care is not fully covered as part of the public healthcare system and individuals may pay out of pocket for dental services or to seek private insurance.

  • Out-of-pocket expenses for dental care vary significantly across different regions and countries.

  • In some countries, out-of-pocket payments for dental healthcare make up a substantial proportion of total dental expenditure, even in countries with high private dental insurance coverage. 

  • This indicates that dental care can be extremely costly and may be beyond the means of many individuals, particularly in developing countries. 

Financial protection is undermined when out-of-pocket payments for health care lead to financial hardship (impoverishing and catastrophic health spending) or create a barrier to access, resulting in unmet need for health care.

Dental Care % out of pocket spending

Health care spending per person



Say jobs impacted by Ai will be counterbalanced by new roles


Say Ai is a force for good


Plan significant investments in Ai in the next year

Source: EY CEO Outlook Pulse global survey, July 2023.

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U.S.A. Dental Spending 2021 USD$ 162B

Map picture of USA
pie chart showing usa dentral spending 2021

Source: ADA American Dental Association | ​U.S.A. Dental Spending 2021 USD$ 162B

showing a dentist showing xrays to a patient

Dental care is a top root cause of catastrophic* healthcare expenses in EU. 

  • In the EU, catastrophic health spending affects on average 4-6% of households.

  • Dental care is the top driver of catastrophic health expenses (26%) followed by medical products (22%) and outpatient medicines (19%).

  • Out-of-pocket payments for dental care lead to financial hardship for richer households and unmet needs for poorer households.


*Catastrophic expense:

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines catastrophic healthcare expenses as health expenses that exceed a certain percentage of a household's capacity to pay. Healthcare expenses are considered catastrophic if they surpass a specific threshold, often set at 40% of the household's capacity to pay. 

Out-of-pocket payments for dental care lead to financial hardship for richer households and unmet needs for poorer households.

Dental care as payment in households


​National Health Systems Challenge

  • For poorer Households, the challenge is affordable access to Dental Services (Universal Health Coverage). Financial protection vs unmet dental care needs. 

Health Insurers Challenge 

  • For average and high-income households the challenge is Financial hardship – reduce % of total out-of-pocket health spending on dental care (secure financial stability). 

dental patient holding her cheek indicating she is in pain due to dental issues
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