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Ai Reinvents Dental Insurance

Ai powered Business Solution  


Meet the Founders

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SmAile provides AI image analysis of intraoral X-rays, panoramic X-rays (OPGs), and CBCT images, producing an accurate, clear, and detailed Charting and Diagnostic report over numerous conditions, in less than a minute.

Image Ai reports enriched by clinical checkup reports and practices delivered reports provide exhaustive patient dental files and enable us to develop personalized dental health scoring and personalized preventive plans.

Ai Dental Imaging Analysis is utilized for Fraud and Abuse control.

Ai-powered pricing models for driving portfolio renewals and new product development.

  • A cloud-based solution, deployable in local markets.

  • Compliant with Data privacy and security requirements.

  • Full flexibility on product configuration: Guarantees, copayment structures, insured amounts or several services, Out-of-network services.

  • Fully configurable approval rules and escalation by Insurance partner.

  • Flexible Provider’s Network set up: Insurer’s or TPA’s network, Smaile’s network, Dental Support Organizations, Dental Clinic's networks, mixed.

  • Customizable Network Key Performance Indicators reporting 

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Ai Dental health Assessment Report

  • Our platforms enable dentists to get Ai support for reviewing Patient X-rays and advising findings which can be reviewed and validated for the final version by a Certified Dentist.

Patient dental Xray
Patient dental Xray
  • The Patient X-ray is generated by the Dentist (or brought by the patient) and uploaded into the system.

  • Instant analysis is available in a comprehensive format where different display options can be selected.

  • The Patient Visit Report is generated where the information can be updated/edited/corrected by the Certified Professional Dentist along with a clearly marked dental chart.

Dental report

We are a highly diversified team with extensive experience in the Insurance industry.
As former insurance senior executives, we have successfully designed, driven, and delivered business projects across multiple geographies, cultures, and lines of business.
We see ourselves as trusted business partners for Health Insurers.  


SmAile in the News

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& CEO 


​C-level Insurance executive. 

Drive profitable growth through digital transformation, Innovation & technical excellence. Multi-market multi-cultural record.

business-portrait of Diamantis Chatzistylis SmAile-Health-CEO




& IT Consultant 


Senior IT Consultant/Enterprise Architect.Broad experience in business transformation initiatives in leadership, managerial, consultancy, and delivery roles, driving and contributing to the IT transformation lifecycle end to end, from strategy to delivery phases. 

business-portrait of Xavier Teixido SmAile-Health-CTO
  • The Dentist can incorporate comments against each finding before generating the final report – here dentist can market the valid items.

  • The Dentist's comments are incorporated in the PDF report that can be shared with the Patient and other Dentists to give a very clear dental assessment to the Parties with the validated final statement from the Dentist.

Dental pathologies diagnosed
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