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Ai reinvents Dental Insurance

Ai technology-driven solution for 

dental insurance


We’re here to disrupt the  dental insurance landscape

Our groundbreaking digital platform leverages Ai capabilities for dentistry and fully automates dental insurance operations by seamlessly connecting Insurers,Dentists, and Patients.

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Our Digital Solution

Enables insurers to drive and optimize value creation for all stakeholders, (Insurers, Insured, Dentists), by leveraging Ai solutions over a fully digitalized business model.


We deliver:

  • Personalized ongoing risk assessment 

  • Sophisticated multiparametric pricing algorithms 

  • Ai driven Fraud and Abuse framework

  • Product design aligned with insurer's Business rules

  • Dental practice protocols integrated within business rules 

  • Fully automated process

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Transformative AI technology


Ai Driven : 

  • Personalized exhaustive risk assessment 

  • Case validation 

  • Fraud and Abuse Control Framework

  • Ai-supported pricing algorithms

  • Product modeling and design



Full automated processes

  • First-notification-of-loss process

  • Approvals  

  • Claims settlement  

  • Reserving & Accounting

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Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry 

The integration of Ai in dentistry has the potential to significantly enhance both diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes through several key advancements:

1. Improved Diagnostic Precision:

Ai algorithms, particularly those using deep learning, can analyze dental imagery with high accuracy. By recognizing patterns and anomalies that may be invisible to the human eye, Ai assists in diagnosing conditions such as dental caries, periodontal disease, and even oral cancers at an early stage, which is crucial for successful treatment. Source: US National Library of Medicine 

2. Efficient Treatment Planning:

Ai can process and analyze a patient’s dental records and imaging to suggest the most effective treatment plans. It can help in predicting the progression of dental diseases, thereby enabling dentists to customize treatment plans that are proactive rather than reactive. Source: Journal of Dental Sciences (TADS)

3. Endodontics:

In root canal treatments, Ai can help in identifying the anatomy of the root canal and assist in predicting the outcome of endodontic treatments. This can lead to more successful treatments and potentially reduce the number of procedures a patient needs to undergo. Source: US National Library of Medicine

4. Predictive Analytics for Patient Outcomes:

Ai's predictive models can forecast the likelihood of future dental problems. By analyzing trends in patient data over time, Ai can identify patients who are at a higher risk for certain conditions, allowing for earlier and more targeted interventions. Source: US National Library of Medicine

5. Quality Assurance:

Ai systems can also serve as a second set of eyes to ensure that the treatment provided meets quality standards. This can help in reducing errors and improving patient safety. Source: US National Library of Medicine

6. Personalization of Dental Care:

With its vast data processing capabilities, Ai can help tailor dental care to individual patient needs. This personalization can lead to better patient experiences and outcomes by focusing on prevention and maintenance tailored to each patient's unique risk profile.

Source: US National Library of Medicine

Source: EY CEO Outlook Pulse global survey, July 2023.


Ai's ability to analyze extensive datasets with precision and speed enhances the accuracy of diagnoses and the effectiveness of treatments in dentistry.

As Ai technology advances, its use in dental care is anticipated to expand, resulting in further enhancements in patient care and treatment success rates.

Ai Data Science & Insurance

​Top ways global insurers plan to use Ai & Data Science


Predict trends and demand to better meet customer needs and optimize operations

Develop self-service tools to improve customer and employee experience


Drive product innovation through new offerings and personalization


Automating processes to reduce labor costs, redeploy talent and improve efficiency


Don't know


Data science and AI will not play a significant role


Source: EY Tech Horizon Global Survey, 2022

graph showing data on the ways global insurers plan to use Ai & Data Science in the future.

What insurance CEOs think about Ai

Source: EY CEO Outlook Pulse global survey, July 2023.


Say jobs impacted by Ai will be counterbalanced by new roles


Say Ai is a force for good


Plan significant investments in Ai in the next year

2024 Ernst & Young Global Insurance Outlook

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